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volunteers wanted


The Yellow ribbon/bandana/cape has an interesting history. Read more here. There are many ways you can help, by
introducing this signal into your dog club or private classes would be wonderful. If successful please tell us so we can list it up here.

Perhaps you wish to let your community know so we put together a kit with a list of instructions and will gladly send them on to you.
It includes an intro letter or email that can be sent to local vets, dog clubs, special events, council, council pound, RSPCA branch, etc. etc.
a press release, history of the Yellow ribbon in Australia and posters. For more information please email here

And please feel free to   link up to the Yellowdog website as it would be fabulous thanks. This campaign, of course, won't be successful unless it becomes widely known and understood .

Thanks so much!

~Pat Robards and Steph McColl

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