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The Yellow ribbon/bandana/cape has an interesting history. It's the brainchild of Terry Ryan who established this signal in her Legacy camps and classes. It was then introduced into Australian Dog clubs in early 2000 by Pat Robards after asking Terry if she could borrow her idea for her shy dog Bo. In Spring 2012, a friend of Eva Oliversson, Dog behaviorist in Norway, Mimmi Engh, read about the use of a yellow ribbon on dogs so wrote to Dog clubs in Australia who used them at their courses for some years with sensitive dogs.

Thus in June 27 2012 Eva Oliversson the originator and founder launched their program... the Swedish International Gulahund™ Yellowdog. Do you know what a yellow ribbon on a dog or dog's leash means? You as a Dog owner need to know how it is supposed to be used and about its purpose before using these signs. It means this dog needs some space. Just like an amber traffic light, a yellow ribbon is a signal to proceed with caution. It's to help people, especially children to easily identify that the dog needs to be approached slowly and that any interactions should be discussed with the dog’s handler before attempted to pat the animal. The yellow ribbon is not necessarily a signal that the dog is aggressive. There are several of reasons why a dog may well use a yellow ribbon. It could be: The dog has health issues The dog is in training The dog is being rehabilitated/learning to socialize The dog is scared or reactive around other dogs 

There are LOTS of reasons why some dogs need some more space! They may be ill, hurt or may be just old. They may have a new family or the dog becomes over excited. WHAT IT IS: The yellow ribbon is a quick way to communicate the comfort level of a dog avoiding triggering unnecessary panic or stress that can cause unexpected and unpleasant outcomes for everyone involved. WHAT IT ISN'T: Its NOT an excuse to avoid proper training. Its NOT an admittance of guilt or a confession regarding a dog's behaviour or a marker of a dog who has a poor temperament. Its NOT a waiver of responsibility.

This program is NOT about or for aggressive dogs.
You cannot replace a muzzle for a yellow sign on a dog that bites whether you want to use the yellow signs, or not!

Thanks so much ~Pat Robards and Steph McColl

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